Regulatory Alert: Radiometric Controls for Metal Goods Imported into Italy

BACKGROUND: What is radiometric monitoring?

Radiometric monitoring is the inspection of scrap, semi-finished, and all other metal materials
in order to detect radioactive anomalies.

The full list of items and HS codes falling into this category is available here.

Radioactive measurements are taken near the external walls of a container with specific and
very sensitive instruments, which are equipped with a probe that has a sodium iodide
scintillator, to detect even the tiniest radioactive anomalies.

What has happened?

On 1 July 2022, new radiometric surveillance regulations have been introduced for the import
of metallic materials (semi-finished or finished products) into Italy, based on the EU Council
Directive 2013/59/ EURATOM laying down basic safety standards for protection against
dangers arising from exposure to ionising radiation.

Certain metallic products are subject to specialised checks that must be conducted by an
authorised external body.

A certificate of inspection must be provided before the import customs declaration can be issued. The certificate of the radiometric controls can be issued in a non-EU country provided that a mutual recognition with this country is in place.  Currently the mutual recognition agreement is only held with Switzerland.

What does it mean for Customers?

This Regulatory change affects importers of the listed finished metal products, semi-finished
metal products and/or scrap and other waste metal materials into Italy.

Each shipment must be inspected, there is no possibility for general authorisation for traders
importing the same type of products on regular basis.

Upon arrival of the shipment, the receiver will be contacted indicating a third-party supplier who can provide radiometric inspection and issue the relevant certificate.

If the receiver accepts the suggested solution, they will be contacted to proceed with payment and inspection; should the receiver refuse, the shipment will be either returned to the sender, at the cost of the customer, or, if the cost of return exceeds the value of the goods, the consignment will be authorised for destruction, with any balance remaining to be refunded to the customer.

The fee for the inspection is from EUR 170.00 per shipment and is payable by the importer directly to the inspecting company.

The carriers are not normally involved in the contracting or payment collection.

In order to optimise costs related to radiometric inspection, we recommend that customers import these commodity categories in one single shipment.

Timeline for Implementation: July 1, 2022

Gazzetta Ufficiale Della Republica Italiana (Italian text only)

Official Journal of the European Union

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