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UK exited EU VAT regime 31 December 2020 - Brexit
Sales to the EU
Changes made after leaving EU on 1st January 2021
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Products are all listed in millimetres, I need to know the gauge size
Soft, Half Hard or Hard?
How do I amend quantity or delete an item from my cart?
I need my order quick! What should I do?
Invoice for the order
I don't have a credit card, how do I order?
Do you accept PayPal?
I want to pay by BACS / Bank Transfer
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Checkout Problems
During checkout, my country is not listed
Orders Failing to Checkout When Our Site is Translation to a Different Language
12th February 2021 : Shipping services temporarily suspended to EU and Rest of World
22nd February 2021 : EX Works option removed
How much carriage will my order be?
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Order Problems
I've just ordered and I notice something is wrong
I've received my order and it's wrong...
Paid by Paypal and the County field is wrong
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Shopping Cart Expiry Period
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

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